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Hiring Management Portal

Recruitment Management & Talent Acquisition Software

Hiring Management System

Are you facing any challenges in your recruitment process ?

We make recruiters and HR managers lives easier and more productive by combining portal with the backend software

With the changing scenario, hiring the best talent has become a daunting task for many. And the issue is not lack of talent but the reliance on outdated recruitment process.
Creativ Eras Total Hiring Management System - offers the most powerful start-to-finish tools for increasing your placement ratio and growing your client base. Developed and enhanced over the years, the strength of the software lies in its incredible automation. By combining the best aspects of e-recruitment, applicant tracking, and correspondence tracking, the recruitment software solution also provides important feedback and statistics on any performance indicator you like.

Developed by recruiters for recruiters and is designed to fully support and develop candidate and client relationships - with the goal of allowing recruiters to focus on recruitment, not administration.

It helps you to find, screen, and hire the right people. Faster and Easier. It is a well structured multi user, multi location and multi lingual software which can be used across various time zones.

Main Features

  • Automates the majority of recruitment workflow and reduces bottlenecks
  • Allows you to streamline and accelerate job creation and postings on your website
  • Simplifies communication and record keeping including bulk email and SMS generation
  • Significantly improves efficiency
  • Uses a simple, familiar interface to minimize training
Hiring Management Software