Photography For Web

When you visit a website, what are the first things you notice? Before you read a word, it’s likely you’ll take in the website’s photos. It gives such an important and immediate impression; if the quality just isn’t there, it’s going to reflect on the website as a whole. When designing a new site, we insist on getting both the design and the photography right.


Consistency & Clarity

When creating photographs for a website, having consistency is essential. Problems such as uneven lighting, differences in colour, clarity and subject poses can really bring down the quality. Here at Creativ Eras, we have the technical skills, experience and studio environment in which to shoot stunning photographs and provide consistency & clarity in the imagery used across your whole website.

Professional Studio

As mentioned, we have an amazing studio here where we shoot using our digital SLR cameras with professional lighting and backdrops. This gives an authentic, clean look to our photos. With even lighting, no distracting shadows, and sharp, vibrant images, the results look great.
Everyone these days has a digital camera, but it takes a mixture of an experienced photographer with the right setup to get the best shots.

At Creativ Eras

Creativ Eras offers the option of including photography as part of your website project at a very competitive cost. It not only saves you the hassle of dealing with an external photographer, it saves you money too. Our photography option is something you should seriously consider as part of your website package.
Need an online presence that really stands out ? Come and talk to us at Creativ Eras.

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