CRM Solutions

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) marketplace is evolving fast and instead of mass-produced, transaction-centric models, enterprises now focus on totally customized packages for building long-lasting and value-added customer relationships.

Creativ Eras portfolio of customer interaction solutions ensure you that we develop, manage and measure customer relationships in the best way possible and provide your customers with quality and efficient services. Once the relationship is strengthened and the customer base becomes more loyal, it is sure to drive your overall business profitability.

Creativ Eras offers applications and seamless synchronization of front-to-back-office capabilities, designed to give an enterprise firm customer support on the Web. Creativ Eras delivers just the right solution/tool for your business so that you are able to offer premium services to each of your clients and thus meet your e-CRM goals. Check out some of our live applications

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